News Media Relations Policy

John K. Wilson recently wrote an article for AAUP’s Academe blog celebrating the “tremendous victory for freedom of the press” that NCC’s Academic Senate and AAUP Advocacy Chapter achieved last week, when the Board of Trustees approved a newly-revised version of Policy 3100 “News Media Relations.” Mr. Wilson notes that before amendment, Policy 3100 “was a terrible infringement” on our rights as employees of the College, but that the present policy “is a great model for other colleges to follow.”

2 thoughts on “News Media Relations Policy

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  2. The dangers of proceeding with policy making in this manner are clear and need to be checked. It violates not only all our principles of shared governance, but the NCCFT- College contract as well. We must ask ourselves where do these breaches, violations of shared governance and our contract end? When will there not be an exigency produced by the college urging us do x or jobs will be lost? Or the college will close? Or, as we recently went through, Middle States threatens to yank our accreditation? At what point will violating shared governance and our contract over and over lead to the end result we fear the most: no control over our curriculum, academics, and the degradation of our status as faculty? Please consider the bigger picture; look down the slippery slope we are perched on and take a step back—back to shared governance and safe guarding our role as faculty.

    With Kind Regards- Faren



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