The NCC AAUP Advocacy Chapter (NAAC) goals are focused on the policies and standards that promote the integrity of the professoriate. The NAAC will work to advance shared governance, academic freedom, educational equality, and the hiring of a diverse full time faculty. As an advocacy chapter of the AAUP, the goals of the NAAC are as follows:

Shared Governance and Academic Freedom
The bedrock of the American higher education system is shared governance. AAUP asserts that the central role of faculty in governance is necessary for the protection of academic freedom. Education at its best is a collaborative process wherein all stakeholders- faculty, staff, administrators, and students- work toward a common goal: providing the best education possible for the community we serve. It is with this premise in mind that the NAAC will work to engage all stakeholders to bolster our historic commitment to shared governance and academic freedom.

  • Shared Governance
  • Academic Freedom
  • Collaboration

Educational Equality
NCC has been committed to educational equality since its founding in 1959. Vital to that goal is maintaining full access to a vibrant public higher educational institution for the communities we serve. Furthermore, the NAAC asserts that the college faculty should reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. To this end the NAAC will work to partner with all sectors invested in and influencing the public educational system sector. The NAAC will work to secure appropriate and fair funding, policies and laws.

  • Equal Access
  • Partnering
  • Faculty Diversity
  • Dream Act

Contingent Faculty
The NAAC recognizes the dignity and worth of contingent faculty who are integral members of the higher education community. The NAAC will work to support decent living wages and conditions for contingent faculty. As we work to increase the number of full time faculty, we will encourage hiring from the large extant contingent faculty.

  • Contingent Faculty Support
  • Faculty Hiring
  • Equitable Working Environment