Dual Enrollment

In a recent article for Academe, Anne Friedman writes about the growing trend of dual enrollment, which places high-school students in courses for college credit.  There are obvious concerns about the classroom environment when it includes children and adults discussing advanced topics together, but there are deeper issues as well, such as whether classroom faculty have a hand in determining what concepts are taught to which students, and whether our academic standards will be upheld.  Ms. Friedman cites the AAUP’s Statement on Dual Enrollment [PDF link] which clarifies the Association’s stance on these issues.

A select few administrators and full- and part-time faculty members are hosting a colloquium on these issues next Friday, October 25th.  Their “anticipated learning outcomes” are:

  • Describe the current status of Dual Enrollment of NCC

  • List the attributes of Dual Enrollment at NCC

  • Identify your role in implementing a successful Dual Enrollment program at NCC

It is important to note that this cadre does not seem to anticipate learning about whether dual-enrollment helps our students, or whether the faculty is in favor of hosting such programs.

We strongly recommend that you discuss this issue with your colleagues in advance of next Friday’s colloquium.

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