Suggested Reading

Shared Governance and Academic Freedom

Shared Governance:

Inside Higher Ed: Clarion Call, by Colleen Flaherty

Academic Freedom:

New York State Conference: Academic Freedom and the AAUP

Educational Equality

Equal Access:

The Atlantic: Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers, by Scott Samuelson (article contributed by Prof. William Moeck)

Dream Act:

The Dream Act Portal

Contingent Faculty

Contingent Faculty Support:

Al Jazeera America: Low-Wage Professors Battle ‘Adjunctivitis,’ by E. Tammy Kim (article contributed by Prof. Frank Reiser)

Faculty Hiring:

Jacobin Magazine: The Death of American Universities, by Noam Chomsky

Equitable Working Environment:

Association of American Colleges & Universities: Parts of a Whole: Contingency, Democracy, and Higher Education’s Mission, by Maria Maisto

Disinformation: Chomsky on America’s Increasingly Corporatized University System, by Marcie Gainer (article contributed by Prof. Frank Reiser)