The NCC Advocacy Chapter (NAAC) of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) was established to help to protect academic freedom and shared governance. The AAUP, founded in 1915, is the oldest higher education national professional organization representing all faculty. For the last century AAUP’s overarching goal has been to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good. In addition, AAUP has secured many of the landmark policies and standards that have shaped our profession including academic freedom, shared governance and tenure.

You join the NAAC by joining the AAUP. That means that all NAAC members are also members of the AAUP national organization. When you join the AAUP you will help shape the future of our profession. Simply click on the link above or on the right side of our homepage (or below on some handheld devices) and follow the instructions. Membership dues are calculated according to a sliding scale. Remember, once you join the AAUP you are also a NAAC member. No other dues are owed. Once you join please contact us so we can count you as an NAAC member.