Another Failed Presidential Search: Now What?

We have been a college without a leader for three years. Since Dr. Astrab resigned we have seen two failed presidential searches along with a relentless attack on shared governance, which began with the Astrab administration and has continued unabated under that of Acting President Saunders.

Under the Acting President’s watch there has been:

  •      An unprecedented series of presidential vetoes to Academic Senate resolutions
  •      BoT mandates with deadlines
  •      BoT overreach
  •      Obstruction of shared governance and disregard for our CBA
  •      Disregard of faculty professionalism and expertise

The Acting President’s candidacy for the position of permanent president has resulted in:

  •      Two failed searches
  •      Interjection of politics and personal agendas into the selection process
  •      Failure to adhere to SUNY guidelines

The Solution:

  •      SUNY must appoint an Interim President who will not be a candidate
  •      The current Acting President should not be a candidate for the position
  •      The faculty must reconnect with its BoT so that its message is not filtered through the Administration.

On Tuesday June 9, 2015 please join us and your colleagues at the BoT meeting. Sign up to speak by calling Anne Brandi at: 516-572-7205 and demand that SUNY appoint an Interim President for NCC and that the current Acting President not be permitted to apply for the permanent position. This will clear the way for a successful national search free of internal politics. Let’s help get NCC back on track! The time is now!