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The NCC AAUP Advocacy Chapter is a faculty organization that sadly has no budget. Yet there are costs involved in the programs and events we provide. Although faculty generously donate their time without reimbursement, there are expenses for food during public events, promotional materials, etc. For example, faculty worked hard to offset costs and keep them low for the Let Us Learn/Let Them Learn campaign, but we had expenses of about $225 dollars for decorations, promotional materials, etc (and we really wanted to more). The cost of this website alone is $48 annually. We can’t afford to do all that we would like to for the faculty if NCC AAUP has funds only from the pockets of the officers. We hope you will consider donating any amount you wish, no matter how small, to help the NCC AAUP Advocacy Chapter continue to do what it has been doing since we started in 2014.

NCC AAUP Advocacy Chapter