No Confidence in Kenneth Saunders, Let Us Count the Ways:


Nassau Community College
AAUP Advocacy Chapter

March 20, 2016

7 Reasons:
NCC does not meet the following Middle States Standards and our accreditation is in jeopardy, our reputation in tatters:
Standard #2 Planning, Resource Allocation and Institutional Renewal
Standard #3 Institutional Resources
Standard #4 Leadership and Governance
Standard #5 Administration
Standard #6 Integrity
Standard #7 Institutional Assessment
Standard #14 Assessment of Student Learning

171 Reasons:
In 2010 there were 752 full-time faculty. There are now 581 full-time faculty. A loss of 171 full-time faculty.

3,833 Reasons:
In 2010 there were 23,633 students enrolled at NCC. Now there are approximately 19,800 enrollees. A loss of 3,833 students.

14 Million Reasons:
In January 2014 the Nassau County Comptroller reported that NCC had failed to collect $14 million in tuition and fees. Today the college claims it is facing a $9.5 million deficit.

· Supports the retrograde PIP
· Supports Board of Trustees crafted curriculum
· Supports lower academic standards
· Supports diverting resources away from the Liberal Arts
· Supports larger class sizes
· Attacks shared governance
· Fails to replace full-time lines
· Fails to recruit a diverse faculty
· Fails to fund-raise
· Fails to maintain enrollment numbers
· Fails implement a comprehensive retention plan
· Fails to attract top-tier administrators

NCC AAUP, Executive Committee

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