Slash and Burn Budgets: How Much More Can We Bear?

As we are all well aware local, state and federal budgets have, over a number of years now, severely cut funds to public higher education. The proposed state and federal budgets continue that trend. Under the recommended state budget NCC would lose $2.5 million dollars and the proposed federal budget would severely slash monies, which go to health, research, the arts and humanities as well as sustaining public higher education. NCC, like so many public institutions of higher learning, is at a financial breaking point. The reality is that our students will suffer by being asked to bear higher tuition costs and faculty as well as the college community as a whole, will now be asked, yet again, do even more with less. This is an unsustainable educational and economic model.

Please click on the link and sign the open letter opposing the proposed federal budget. The time has come for faculty to step up and speak out.

One thought on “Slash and Burn Budgets: How Much More Can We Bear?

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